Why Training Makes a Difference During the First Days

Why Training Makes a Difference During the First Days

It goes without saying that everyone does better on the job when they know just what they need to do and how they need to do it. Achieving this level of excellence starts with the quality of a firm’s onboarding program. In our Signature, Inc. learning environment, we take this knowledge to heart. We put forth considerable efforts to make our professional development initiatives beneficial to everyone.

Recently, we hosted a new-hire training program that gave incoming associates of Signature, Inc. a glimpse at the big picture with our business. This event focused on the opportunities to grow within our firm and industry. We highlighted business expansion, how to manage our national service partners, and how to attract new customers.

Perhaps most key, our leaders provided unique insights from their own experiences that have helped them realize their own career ascensions. They discussed what they’ve learned and passed on this wisdom to our newest team members so that they, too, can succeed.

Learning doesn’t stop with the initial days, at least not with Signature, Inc. Education is a big part of our overall culture that we emphasize every day, through teachable moments with coaches, to in-house training and chances to venture to conferences and retreats that expand our horizons.

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