We Recognize the Power of Mentorship

We Recognize the Power of Mentorship

As we welcome new associates to Team Signature, Inc., we provide the most complete training and guidance to make sure they’re headed in the right direction – toward lasting success. There are plenty of leaders on our team who act as uniquely helpful mentors. Through our commitment to personal coaching, we’ve discovered the following key benefits:

• New Perspectives: Having an experienced person as a mentor helps team members at all levels understand their strengths and weaknesses. With a different point of view on what the best path forward is, people can make the right adjustments to their career plans.

• Greater Accountability: We emphasize being accountable throughout the Signature, Inc. office. When we have coaches to report our progress to, we’re more likely to stay on top of our priorities and make faster progress toward our highest targets. The extra motivation we receive from our mentors is enough to push us across the finish line.

• Ongoing Improvement: Being coached by a seasoned professional is an ideal way to continue learning new things every day. No matter how many big wins we deliver for our national service partners, our mentors are there to remind us that we can still improve.

Our focus on mentorship allows new team members to quickly build confidence and continue improving every day. Learn more about how we position people for lasting success by following Signature, Inc. on Twitter.