The Most Valuable Skills of Great Leaders

The Most Valuable Skills of Great Leaders

As we work toward becoming respected leaders here at Signature, Inc, we focus on refining a few key abilities. Here are the skills we’ve observed in the most effective managers, all of which we’re trying to develop the best we can.

Encouraging teamwork is one of the essential skills any leader must have. For us, this is a matter of knowing our people’s strengths and putting them in the best positions to maximize them. With this in mind, we’re always working to develop our abilities to read people and understand their unique motivators.

We’ve also learned that accountability is a big part of team success, so we focus on inspiring it as we build our leadership acumen. Being accountable for our own work is perhaps the best way to inspire others to do so. That’s why we measure our progress toward the goals we set and hold ourselves to high standards at all times.

Communication skills are points of emphasis in our Signature, Inc training program as well. The ability to articulate our visions of success is vital if we want to effectively lead others. We also know we must be clear and transparent in order to persuade our team members to follow us.

We’re stressing these essential skills as we improve our leadership abilities. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter