Tips We Use to Build Thriving Professional Networks

Tips We Use to Build Thriving Professional Networks

Team Signature, Inc. recently returned from a national leadership and networking conference in Dallas. We wanted to be on top of our game, so before we headed out, we reviewed best practices for adding to our contact list. The results of that review were excellent: we made great connections that are sure to impact our careers in positive ways while also encouraging us to be more creative in our campaigns when we came back home.

These are a few of the Signature, Inc. guidelines we discussed before heading to Dallas:

• Seek Genuine Connections: When we connect with others, it’s with the intention of building relationships. We get clear on what value we have to offer others, which gives us the confidence to strike up a conversation with anyone.

• Treat Everyone Like a VIP: Just as we identify what we have to contribute to others, we understand that everyone we meet has something of value they can give as well. We focus on the authenticity of a conversation and how much we enjoy someone’s company.

• Follow Up: When we connect with someone at a conference or seminar, we make sure to reconnect within 48 hours of the event. This way the conversation is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

For our team, these simple strategies produce reliable results when we seek to build our contact lists. Like Signature, Inc. on Facebook for more networking tips.