Simple Ways to Beat Public Speaking Anxiety

Simple Ways to Beat Public Speaking Anxiety

Speaking in front of an audience brings a certain amount of anxiety for even the most experienced presenters. We’re working to improve our speaking skills around the Signature, Inc office, and we’ve found the following simple methods to be highly effective in calming our nerves before we take the stage.

The first thing we remember is that there’s no substitute for practice before a big speech. We use a range of techniques to prepare ourselves for every presentation, including recording our rehearsals on video. When we watch ourselves delivering a speech, we get a good feel for areas in which we need improvement. Body language is a special focus when we use this method.

Visualizing a successful outcome is another way we get ready to confidently represent Signature, Inc onstage. During the minutes before we walk up to the podium, we imagine a positive response from our audience members. We begin every speech with more confidence when we have these types of uplifting images in our heads.

As we visualize successful outcomes, we focus on taking slow, deep breaths. We’re also mindful of our breathing as we deliver speeches, building in pauses so we don’t go too quickly through our remarks. We feel less nervous energy when we use this strategy. We also increase the odds that our main points will resonate with listeners.

We’re using these strategies to become more self-assured public speakers. Like Signature, Inc on Facebook if you’re interested in more of our presenting advice.