Signature on AIDA

Signature on AIDA

There is an interesting technique you may want to consider using for face to face sales. It goes by the acronym AIDA which means Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Attention: You may get the attention of a customer by where the booth is positioned, the flair of your demonstration, the product itself or even your presence. When that person is in your space, you have his/her attention.

Interest: Spark the interest of an attentive person with an emotional appeal, by asking questions or by carefully listening to what problem the prospect needs to have solved.

Desire: Build desire by producing statistics on the performance of the product, showing how the product works, providing testimonials and explaining how the product will solve their problem.

Action: Nothing closes without action. This is where you ask the prospect to act on their desire for the product by buying it. Address any issues as they arise.

Each sale goes through some variation of these stages. Signature suggests it’s a good technique to use in sales and marketing.