PRESS RELEASE: Signature Inc Makes Big Impact to Help Cure Rare Disease

PRESS RELEASE: Signature Inc Makes Big Impact to Help Cure Rare Disease

CHERRY HILL, NJ – Signature Inc’s President detailed his team’s recent fundraising efforts to help cure a rare childhood disease. He also discussed the team-building benefits of working together for good causes.

Giving back to the community is a central tenet of the Signature Inc culture. Team members work together to support a wide range of good causes. Recently, they took part in the Cure Sanfilippo fundraiser, which aims to end a rare childhood disease. “We raised over $7,000 over the last couple of weeks to help find a cure,” stated Kenneth Weinraub, the company’s President. “I am incredibly proud of our team!”

All funds raised by members of Team Signature Inc will go directly toward research to find a cure as well as to help families dealing with Sanfilippo syndrome. “This disease causes a wide range of unfortunate symptoms,” Weinraub added. “Many behavioral issues are present in the early stages of Sanfilippo, along with sleep disturbances and progressively worsening mobility. It’s a tough thing for any family to go through, so we want to do whatever we can to be part of the solution. Children should be allowed to be children, and this awful disease stands in the way for an unlucky few.”

The President believes giving back is one of the best ways to enhance a company’s culture. He remarked, “Over the past year we’ve really been focusing on diversifying our volunteer efforts, always with the intent to make people’s lives better. People helping people is one of the best things we could ever install in the Signature Inc culture.”

Signature Inc’s President on the Team-Building Benefits of Supporting Good Causes

Teamwork is a key driver of Signature Inc’s continuing success, and Weinraub believes it gets stronger with every giveback event. He explained, “Our associates learn more about each other every time they combine their talents for a good cause. They get to see sides of their personalities that might not be fully visible during the normal course of our work. We’ve found that this enhances collaboration once our team members return to the office.”

There is also a rewarding feeling that comes with helping people and organizations in need. This leads to stronger overall morale within a workplace. Weinraub commented, “Giving back in meaningful ways boosts engagement and satisfaction throughout our team. After our success with the Cure Sanfilippo fundraiser, we’re really looking forward to our next charitable venture.”

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