Signature, Inc. Gives Back to ALS Foundation and Promotes Market Growth

Signature, Inc. Gives Back to ALS Foundation and Promotes Market Growth

Signature, Inc. recently embraced a give back campaign to benefit the ALS Foundation. Participating in the ice bucket challenge Internet sensation enabled the Signature, Inc. team to raise $5,000 towards ALS support and research efforts. This cause unified the team members and reinforced their positive workplace culture that continually attracts new talent as the firm pursues new growth goals and recruits team members.

Signature, Inc. leaders and associates jumped on the social media bandwagon by participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge. The viral cause took off through Facebook and Twitter and, so far, has raised over $90 million.

Signature Inc. CEO, Ken, explained the personal link to the ALS Foundation: “We have a few team members who are either related to or know someone suffering from ALS. When the Ice Bucket Challenge started, the issue really hit home for us. We are very happy to raise and donate $5,000 while having fun in the process. It means a lot to give back to a valiant cause.”

One of the participants commented, “I know someone who has ALS and the challenges they face are heartbreaking, it’s so nice that this organization is receiving the funding they need to provide more solutions.”

Ken explained that being involved in local and national causes builds leadership within the firm. “We like to support a philanthropic culture in our workplace. This cause held significant meaning to team and raised awareness with those who previously never encountered it. What a great way to show everyone we care!”

In fact, not all team members were aware of ALS and its challenging impacts on sufferers. One team member stated, “I actually had not heard of this disease until it received the latest exposure in the web campaign. The ice bucket challenge made a positive impact by educating me on the subject and so it’s great that we were involved!”

On the heels of this charitable endeavor, Ken looks to make a hiring push: “We are looking to build our workforce with new motivated individuals. Our opportunities build individuals into dedicated business leaders. At Signature, Inc. we love to work with talented and open-minded individuals. This is not just a job—it’s a career.”

Associates never hesitate to praise Signature, Inc. and its excellent environment for professional and personal development. As one team member put it: “I started with the company three months ago and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The positive energy and attention is very motivating!”