Signature Continues to Promote from Within

Signature Continues to Promote from Within

Signature recently promoted two great performers to Assistant Managers. They are Kevin Peters and Adam Campbell. Both were promoted from account manager positions to their new assignments within the last five months.

In their roles as assistant manager, both Kevin and Adam will be handling payroll, office administration, interviewing and helping to hire candidates. In addition, they will be overseeing an office consisting of more than ten associates.

Their responsibilities will also include helping upper management guide marketing and sales campaigns for their respective offices.

“I am looking forward to this opportunity to continue to do a good job for Signature,” said Kevin. “I know I will learn a lot.”

“This is the next step in my career goals and I’m glad Signature gave me the chance to progress,” said Adam. “I’m a good example of the promote from within policy here.”

Signature congratulates Adam and Kevin on their promotions!