Achieve Long-Term, Measurable Growth With Signature

Let us partner with you to create viable marketing solutions that result in long-term, measurable growth. Our personable professionals deliver a unique approach that focuses on combining product knowledge with the know-how to intuitively reach consumers. Trust our professional consultants to meet your outreach goals.

The Signature Process

Business Analysis

Working Smarter to Serve You Best

From start to finish, Signature’s got your marketing needs covered. We know every brand has its own unique challenges and preferences. That’s why we take time to understand what matters most to you. We learn all we can about your business – your products, your customers, and your existing programs and practices. We’ll evaluate your current marketing hurdles, then assess and validate viable solutions in a variety of business scenarios. We want to help you achieve your goals, which is why we are committed to building long-term partnerships that create wins for all sides.

Program Design

Creating Signature Programs that Elevate Your Product

Your product deserves a starring role in the marketplace. Once we understand your brand and your current marketing methods, our Signature team will create a strategy that will be scaled as your business grows. We begin by identifying the best channels through which to feature your brand. From in-store promotions to trade shows, we know how to pinpoint what methods will be most impactful for you. We’ll then design a new marketing and development strategy for engaging the most receptive audiences. Our solutions also include product launch plans, the creation of targeted messaging, and public relations goals. Whether you’re aiming to attract a local, national, or international audience, we have the expertise to custom design a solution that will attain sustainable growth.

Dedicated Team

Giving Our Experts the Wheel

When you consult with the Signature team to promote your brand, you’re signing on with the industry’s best. You’ll have a dedicated team of people who know your product as well as how to successfully develop lasting customer relationships. We’ll professionally represent your brand to ensure that consumers obtain the maximum benefit from your products. We make it a point to gather real-time feedback from the public about every product we promote in order to deliver continual campaign refinements and maintain constant feedback for the companies we represent. Our executives are supported by our expert leaders, who continually raise the bar for excellence by providing ongoing training and development.

Long Term Growth

Achieving Sustainable Growth

Successful businesses attain long-term growth. We don’t just market for a season. Our objective is to ensure that your outreach is designed to go the distance. We dive deep to learn about your brand and business so that we can secure and keep your customers. Our commitment allows us to continually optimize your program to capture new markets while also continuing to maintain steady relationships protecting existing customers from competitors with current customers. We maintain continual service excellence on behalf of every company we represent through customer contact on site, by telephone, and through iPad and tablet-based relationship management software. We’re more than just another marketing agency. We form lasting partnerships that result in steady growth and sustainable profits.

The clients we proudly serve

Executive Team

Meet the people who put the mark on Signature’s solutions.

Ken W.

National Consultant & CEO

At the helm is our award-winning CEO. He has been honored within our sector as both Rookie of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year. His drive, ambition, and leadership are why he’s been recognized as the fastest and youngest individual to have reached the national consultant level in the business. His commitment to our values and example as a leader have set the tone for our firm.

Robert G.


A graduate of Towson University, Robert leverages his keen management and communication skills to oversee and maintain Signature, Inc.’s major telecommunications account. His love of travel and exploration allows him to gain and appreciate diverse perspectives, which positively impacts his ability to innovate. His goals include becoming a Regional Consultant and receiving a purple belt in jiu-jitsu. You can also catch Robert on the basketball court in his free time.



JP graduated from West Virginia University and is a manager on top client accounts. His dedication to team development is unmatched and he has a long-term goal of running his own organization one day. JP is a master of public speaking, a strength he is proud to say he built at Signature, Inc. His biggest accomplishment with the company is speaking to crowds of 300+ which directly contributes to employee development. JP can be found doing all things sports related in his spare time.

Nico B.


Nico is a branch manager at Signature, Inc., managing high value clients in our portfolio. He’s got a strong ability to coach those around him, making him a natural leader in the development portion of our business. Nico’s background in sports, playing hockey in college, enabled his easy transition through his own growth periods at Signature, Inc. His personal goal is to help his younger brother go to college and in his free time he enjoys playing sports.

Compliance Department

Mark S.

Compliance Department

Mark’s passion for communication and growth align seamlessly with the corporate culture of Signature, Inc. As Quality Control Manager, Mark brings a natural ability to fixate on the details. This is a talent much needed for this role. Mark’s vision within the company is to continue having a great student mentality and learning new things every day. Mark’s free time is spent learning multiple languages and fixing up his BMW.


Compliance Department

Originally from the United Kingdom, Phillip Coates has established a foundation in the United States with his wife, 2 daughters & growing business. Whenever he isn’t tackling work oriented goals he enjoys family time, skateboarding, cars, art, and music.

Talent Acquisitions

Madilyn K.

Talent Acquisitions

Madilyn is our Human Resource Manager at Signature, Inc. The graduate of Barton College brings a sports-oriented mind-set to the firm, which includes plenty of enthusiasm and an affinity for teamwork. It also informs her strategic thinking and leadership abilities. In her spare time, Madilyn enjoys being with her family and attending sporting events and concerts.

Sydney S.

Talent Acquisitions

Sydney joined our team with a positive attitude and has carried that through each day ever since. She has a passion for being the best she can be while seeking growth opportunities everywhere she can. Her ultimate hobby is hanging out with Bean, her four-legged BFF! Sydney is very proud of the name she has made for herself in our industry and strives to help others do the same.

Jessica S.

Talent Acquisitions

Jessica’s passion for making a positive impact on someone’s life and continuing to grow as a Talent Acquisitions Specialist make her a true asset to the team. She graduated from Montclair State University and has a long-term goal of training a successful team herself. Jessica’s green thumb and a love for hiking are two hobby’s you can’t pull her away from when she isn’t at the office. Paying her way through college is also a huge accomplishment that Jessica is proud to say she did on her own!

Samah K.

Talent Acquisitions

As a La Salle University graduate, Samah has an innate ability to connect with people. This has enabled her to grow quickly in her role as a Talent Acquisitions Specialist. Her passion for the company is having the ability to grow while providing others with the same. Samah loves drawing in her spare time and is proud of reaching her goal of purchasing a car all on her own!

Alex D.

Talent Acquisitions

Alex is a Fairleigh Dickinson University graduate and an outstanding member of the Talent Acquisitions team. She loves inspiring others around her to elevate themselves in life. She’s got a natural talent for dancing and loves drawing, painting, and doing CrossFit. Alex’s long-term goal includes writing a book and her biggest accomplishment is breaking her school’s record for 100 & 200 backstroke.

Myiah G.

Talent Acquisitions

Myiah brings her contagious positivity and bright smile to the team, creating an atmosphere everyone loves walking into each morning at Signature, Inc! She graduated from Rutgers University and has a long-term goal of opening her own business one day. Myiah’s hobbies include playing volleyball and turning frowns upside down!

Kalypso K.

Talent Acquisitions

Kalypso hails from the South as a Florida Atlantic University graduate and brings a matching warm personality to the Signature, Inc family! As a member of the Talent Acquisitions Team, she prides herself in challenging what her limits are and exceeding all expectations. As the first college graduate in her family, Kalypso has her eye on accomplishing many more goals including her long-term goal of complete financial stability. Her passion outside of work is living an active lifestyle and practicing vegan nutrition.

Tiffany J.

Talent Acquisitions

Tiffany started working at Signature, Inc. with a desire to build a career that she loves. She graduated from East Stroudsburg University and prides herself in giving effective advice out to her co-workers. Tiffany’s goal is to be a true mentor to others working to grow in the role of Talent Acquisitions Specialist. When she isn’t working on building her career, you can find Tiffany relaxing and watching Netflix.

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