Press Release: Signature Launches Two New Campaigns

Press Release: Signature Launches Two New Campaigns

Cherry Hill, NJ – Signature announced the launch of two new marketing campaigns—one with a major telecommunications company and one with a large energy provider. As a market leader in B2C sales and marketing, Signature will use their considerable expertise to exceed expectations in servicing these new clients.

“This is a very exciting time for our company,” said Signature Management. “We are quickly developing strategies that will help make both of these campaigns successful ones. In fact, we will go above and beyond to achieve exceptional results for these clients.”

Marketing B2C the Old Fashioned Way

Signature focuses on a method of product exposure that sometimes gets lost in the internet and high tech marketing whirl. They practice face to face, direct to the consumer, grass roots engagement. When done right, it’s a powerful way to market.

To make sure the campaigns are promoted with both precision and flair, Signature has become specialists in developing and executing simple but effective techniques like product demonstration, in-person sales and sample distribution. The campaign events, as Signature calls them, occur where consumers congregate within big box stores and malls.

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