PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Wins BIG During Cancun Trip

PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Wins BIG During Cancun Trip

CHERRY HILL, NJ – The President of Signature, Inc. detailed a recent R&R trip to Cancun, Mexico. He discussed the prestigious awards team members took home, including one he was honored to win.

Team Signature, Inc. headed to Cancun, Mexico in October for a relaxing and rewarding R&R getaway. Along with time to soak up the sun and recharge their batteries, the firm’s associates had chances to interact with some of the industry’s top minds at various events. There were meetings of all kinds during the trip, but the most memorable one might have been an awards ceremony. Two of the most prestigious awards were given to Signature, Inc. team members.

Kenneth Weinraub, the firm’s President, was recognized as the Mentor of the Year. This is a huge win for all of Signature, Inc. and a great way to sharpen the company’s reputation as an innovative customer acquisition leader. Weinraub received this award because he’s been able to effectively guide individuals through their stages of career growth. He’s proven that he has a special way with people, knowing when to let them swim and when he needs to step in and provide guidance.

There was another top Signature, Inc. performer recognized for outstanding achievement during the Cancun trip. Rob G. received the Dave Parker Award, which is given to the top manager in the entire industry. Weinraub explained that Rob works hard and methodically day in and day out, so this award was well deserved. He added that Rob provides a consistent example around the Signature, Inc. office, inspiring everyone else on the team to step up their games. Alex and Taylor were also awarded Administrator of the Year, which is given only to the best in their field.

Signature, Inc.’s President on the Power of Ambitious Goals

Weinraub stated that Signature, Inc. has the strongest team its ever had. The awards won in Cancun certainly back up this argument. The President added that the firm’s emphasis on setting lofty goals is a big reason why good news keeps coming into the office. With every major victory, associates set their sights even higher. This mind-set is what allows the company to stay ahead in a competitive industry.

The President noted that clarity is every bit as important as ambition when it comes to setting goals. While vague targets can lead to disorganized efforts, specific ones enable people to properly focus their energies. Around the Signature, Inc. office, team members get as clear as possible with their visions of successful results. Weinraub explained that this allows associates to stay motivated even as unexpected hurdles emerge.

About Signature, Inc.

Signature, Inc. is a high-performing provider of experiential marketing campaigns that drive lead generation and business growth for both up-and-coming brands as well as Fortune 500 clients. Their expertly-trained and versatile team members apply the latest research techniques to craft customized initiatives that make immediate impact on targeted markets. Through highly-targeted campaigns, Signature, Inc. forges meaningful relationships between companies and their ideal audiences to achieve maximum conversions for a diverse portfolio of clients. Their exceptional service delivers consistent results that clients see in their bottom lines and market reach. Signature, Inc.’s commitment to innovation and customer service will ensure the firm a bright future as an industry leader.