PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Team Members Receive World-Class Training

PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Team Members Receive World-Class Training

CHERRY HILL, NJ – Kenneth Weinraub, President of Signature, Inc., highlighted the power of the company’s top-tier training program, noting that it is the foundation of the firm’s success.

Signature, Inc. has enjoyed longevity and success in a competitive, ever-changing marketplace, and for this Weinraub credits his commitment to continual learning. It is his personal mission to provide the best tools and resources he can to help others reach their career goals, and he takes pride in the thorough training program that has developed as a result.

He and his team are certain that the Signature, Inc. learning system is one of the most comprehensive in the northeastern area. The education starts on day one, when new hires are paired with a coach for one-to-one guidance. The support and knowledge transfer from this relationship alone is enough to propel people quickly toward their career goals.

However, there are many more facets to the Signature, Inc. curriculum. For instance, there are hands-on workshops, where team members learn the practical skills needed to succeed in the field. The firm’s commitment to teaching real-world abilities also requires executives to rotate through different departments, contributing to projects while working alongside seasoned veterans.

Seminars and conferences bring associates together for classroom-style learning and there are even travel opportunities that allow team members to supplement their in-house training by connecting with industry leaders from national – and even global – markets. These ensure Weinraub and his team stay on the cutting edge of customer acquisitions.

The Strength of the Signature, Inc. Learning System Lies in Its Respect for Individuality

The philosophy behind the Signature, Inc. approach to training is simple: treat everyone like an individual. Each person who joins the team has a unique learning style and skill set, and Weinraub considers it his personal responsibility to respect this fact. By determining how people learn best, and then helping them customize the learning system to their strengths, associates are given their best chances at success.

This is not the easiest way to train, of course, but a cookie-cutter approach to learning wouldn’t give Weinraub the outstanding results he expects from his people. By offering them the tools and the support they need to make continual learning a habit, Weinraub has created an upward spiral of achievement for his associates that fuels the growth of the firm. In other words, the success of Signature, Inc. relies on team members being empowered and inspired to reach their full potential as people and professionals. It’s no wonder they call this a top-tier learning program!

About Signature, Inc.:

Signature, Inc. is a high-performing provider of experiential marketing campaigns that drive lead generation and business growth for both up-and-coming brands as well as Fortune 500 clients. Their expertly-trained and versatile team members apply the latest research techniques to craft customized initiatives that make immediate impact on targeted markets. Through highly-targeted campaigns, Signature, Inc. forges meaningful relationships between companies and their ideal audiences to achieve maximum conversions for a diverse portfolio of clients. Their exceptional service delivers consistent results that clients see in their bottom lines and market reach. Signature, Inc.’s commitment to innovation and customer service will ensure the firm a bright future as an industry leader.