PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Looks Back on What Made 2019 a Great Year

PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Looks Back on What Made 2019 a Great Year

CHERRY HILL, NJ – Kenneth Weinraub, Signature, Inc.’s President, talked up several accomplishments that made 2019 a great year for the firm. Achievements include national recognition and raising a large sum for the Jay Fund.

Growth is one of the most reliable ways to measure success, according to Weinraub, and there were many examples of personal and professional growth on display for Team Signature, Inc. in 2019. For example, there were some big promotions to assistant management that have led Weinraub to plan for expansion. The team will soon be opening offices in other states because of the momentum that’s been built up in the last 12 months.

There were also many individual awards earned by team members this year that were given out at national industry events. It’s a big deal for people in his firm to receive these awards because everyone in their field sees and recognizes the effort and talent required to earn them, Weinraub said.

The firm gained two new national service partners in its portfolio last year, which is another big reason to celebrate 2019. One company works in the digital marketing space, while the other is in the debt relief field. This has expanded the scope of operations for Signature, Inc. significantly and Weinraub is proud to say that he and the team are able to manage the customer acquisitions needs of such a diverse range of national service partners.

Signature, Inc.’s Most Notable 2019 Achievement Was Giving Money Away

In the midst of celebrating career and corporate milestones at the end of 2019, Weinraub noted that he’s especially proud of the support he and the crew were able to give a number of worthy causes last year. The biggest recipient was the Jay Fund; Signature, Inc. was able to donate over $20,000 to this remarkable cause. The Jay Fund is a nonprofit that has worked hard for many years to support families with children that have cancer, one of the most heartbreaking situations a family could be in. Being able to donate such a large sum to charity is one of the surest signs that he and his people are succeeding, Weinraub stated.

To maintain the winning momentum from 2019, Weinraub plans to stick with what works: continual learning, professional travel, and cultivating the right office culture. He is sure this strategy will continue to be as effective in 2020 and beyond as it was in the last 12 months.

About Signature, Inc.

Signature, Inc. is a high-performing provider of experiential marketing campaigns that drive lead generation and business growth for both up-and-coming brands as well as Fortune 500 clients. Their expertly-trained and versatile team members apply the latest research techniques to craft customized initiatives that make immediate impact on targeted markets. Through highly-targeted campaigns, Signature, Inc. forges meaningful relationships between companies and their ideal audiences to achieve maximum conversions for a diverse portfolio of clients. Their exceptional service delivers consistent results that clients see in their bottom lines and market reach. Signature, Inc.’s commitment to innovation and customer service will ensure the firm a bright future as an industry leader.