PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Hosts National Networking Conference

PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Hosts National Networking Conference

CHERRY HILL, NJ – Signature, Inc.’s President highlighted a recent networking conference the company hosted and how his team members made the most of it. He also shared a few of his best tips for effective networking.

The executive team at Signature, Inc. believes in the value of attending industry events, and they recently hosted one that brought all types of talented people together. Kenneth Weinraub, the firm’s President, explained, “We hosted a national networking conference in Newport Beach, California for all those who are in the industry of administration and recruiting. The best of the best from our professional world had the chance to interact and learn from some great keynote speeches.”

Signature, Inc. was well represented at the event, and Madilyn, Rob, and Kara each gave a keynote address during the two-day conference. “Our team members have so much to share,” Weinraub stated. “I was proud to watch these associates offer illuminating insights to the attendees, and I believe they built their leadership skills in the process. It was a very rewarding experience for the entire Signature, Inc. team.”

After two days of speeches and sessions, Signature, Inc.’s leaders hosted a yacht cruise complete with an amazing Italian dinner. “It was an amazing end to a great event,” the President added. “We are already looking forward to hosting more conferences, and we have our sights set on attending a big gathering in Philadelphia soon.”

Signature, Inc.’s President Provides a Few Simple and Effective Networking Strategies

Weinraub and the rest of the Signature, Inc. leadership team understand the importance of networking as it relates to professional growth. The President remarked, “We train Signature, Inc. team members to approach industry events as rare opportunities to add helpful allies, and I personally remind our people of a few simple strategies before they attend one.”

The President continued, “The first thing I tell our Signature, Inc. associates is that they need clear plans in place before they start their networking efforts.” Weinraub encourages anyone attending an industry event to study the itinerary and research all websites related to the function to know who will be there. “You can’t successfully expand your network if you don’t know where to focus your efforts,” he noted.

It’s also important to be realistic when it comes to networking expectations. Weinraub added, “I tell Signature, Inc. team members to focus on making a small handful of genuine connections at every big event. If you try to create strong relationships with dozens of people, you’ll end up with a bunch of business cards and little else to show for your efforts.”

About Signature, Inc.

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