PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Continues Making Meaningful Impact

PRESS RELEASE: Signature, Inc. Continues Making Meaningful Impact

CHERRY HILL, NJ – Signature, Inc.’s President discussed the firm’s latest philanthropic pursuit and how it brought team members closer together. He also outlined a few lasting benefits of supporting good causes as a team.

The most recent Signature, Inc. team giveback event was organized to say thank you to those who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. Kenneth Weinraub, the firm’s President, explained that team members were honored to treat members of the Evesham Police Department to lunch as a way of recognizing their service to our community. Weinraub added that he and the company’s associates will take advantage of any opportunity to give back to those who keep us safe and enable our success by doing so.

Weinraub added that the Evesham Police Department values integrity and teamwork as they serve and protect the area. He noted that just spending time with officers was inspiring and rewarding. The department organizes a wide range of community events of its own, including a junior police academy and the Coffee With a Cop program. Having Team Signature, Inc. show appreciation for all the department does was a no-brainer for Weinraub.

Signature, Inc.’s President on the Morale-Boosting Nature of Giving Back

Signature, Inc. associates take pride in the fact that supporting the community is one of the firm’s core principles. Weinraub added that doing social good is also among the company’s best team-building pursuits. The positive vibes created during a giveback event carry over into the work done back at the office, according to the President. He noted that collaboration goes up a notch with every charitable endeavor, along with an inspiring sense of gratitude.

These positive outcomes make giving back a real investment in ongoing growth. Along with camaraderie and inspiration, there are also plenty of networking opportunities that arise through philanthropy. Weinraub explained that social impact efforts put team members in touch with all kinds of community leaders and businesspeople. Exciting and unexpected ventures can come together when likeminded people unite to make a positive impact.

Giving back also encourages stronger personal bonds between team members. Although they work alongside each other on a daily basis, Weinraub stated that the firm’s associates get to see different sides of their personalities when they support good causes. Shared passions, outside interests, and hidden talents tend to come to the fore during giveback events. These elements combine to create deeper bonds and stronger teamwork.

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