Preparing for a National Conference

Preparing for a National Conference

Business travel is a large part of the Signature, Inc. approach to professional development. That’s why we pursue so many different types of getaways, from seminars to relaxation retreats. A few specially selected members of our team will soon be attending the national quarterly conference, which will provide an array of benefits.

Kenneth Weinraub, our President, stated, “During the conference, our people will be able to discuss best business practices with all kinds of high achievers from our industry. They’ll share their own knowledge and gain valuable new insights along the way. Our Signature, Inc. office will benefit from this injection of fresh energy and ideas.”

Networking is one of the best parts of an industry conference. “Our associates are adept at forging connections at big events,” our President added. “They set clear goals for how many contacts they want to add, which helps them make the most of their time. Because they understand that quality trumps quantity in the networking game, their efforts are consistently successful.”

The opportunity to break out of daily routines is another good reason to attend industry conferences and related events. We’ve found that we gain new perspectives on our work when we have the chance to spend time with those from other places. Often, we get to see just how unique our customer acquisition methods really are.

We’re looking forward to the national quarterly conference for these reasons.