Podcasts That Inspire Success

Podcasts That Inspire Success

We’re avid podcast listeners in the Signature, Inc. office, with our playlists always expanding. We often exchange recommendations for new and informative shows. Here are a few we’ve recently discovered and which give us a little extra motivation every time we hear them.

NPR’s How I Built This podcast is the newest addition to the Signature, Inc. canon. The show interviews business founders and examines how they achieved lasting success with their sometimes eccentric ideas. It’s an inspiring show for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to find innovative solutions in their own line of work.

Brain Training is another recent discovery in our workspace. Rather than listening to someone talk about an interesting topic, this podcast walks you through a series of focus-sharpening games. We’re always more engaged in important tasks after we spend a few minutes with this unique podcast.

When we want to dig deep into any topic, we check out Every Little Thing, which promises to go down the rabbit hole of even ordinary situations. This podcast is a nice option for getting lost on a journey of discovery. Doing so always seems to help us come up with great ideas to apply at work and in our personal lives.

These podcasts have firmly grabbed our attention in recent months. For more on what we’re listening to and being inspired by, check out the Signature, Inc. Newswire.