How to Make Business Ethics Matter

How to Make Business Ethics Matter

Despite the frequency with which business scandals appear in the news, our Signature, Inc. associates firmly believe that ethics are still a big part of company success. For the most part, it takes a leader who is committed to a core mission and values, and who guide their people through example. To become one of these admirable individuals, you must solidify your confidence and be adequately prepared. Here are some steps to take.

Begin by setting some boundaries. They should consist of policies and procedures that will guide you and your people when ethical dilemmas arise. What’s more, if you have clear ground rules in place, it will be relatively easy to determine which lines were crossed – and by whom. There will be far fewer gray areas, and once they are addressed they will be less likely to arise again in the future.

As you try to find solutions to ethical issues, our Signature, Inc. associates encourage you to identify all the options for doing so. Then consider the potential outcomes and implications of each course of action. Finally, think backward from these outcomes to where you stand currently. The process will offer great clarity, and maybe even expose some hidden agendas.

The ultimate goal is to resolve ethical concerns in a way that maximizes the benefit to all involved without violating any boundaries. It may not always be an easy balance to strike, but it will be worth the investment.

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