Learning, Connecting at National Conference

Learning, Connecting at National Conference

Travel incentives give members of Team Signature, Inc plenty of extra motivation. We compete to attend all kinds of industry events, including seminars and exotic retreats. A few hand-selected associates attended the national quarterly conference in February, bringing an array of new concepts and contacts back to our office.

During the conference, our people had the chance to learn new techniques in a range of key areas. Kenneth Weinraub, our firm’s President, explained, “There were sessions devoted to talent searching, networking, and pro tips on running a small business. In addition, our associates listened to inspiring speeches from top leaders.”

Weinraub appreciates the motivation boost that comes with attending a big corporate event. He stated, “I like to send our hardworking all-stars to conferences and other events because they come back to the office ready to crush their goals. Motivation is always high around the Signature, Inc office, but spending time with other successful people is a sure way to become even more determined to hit high targets.”

Our team members also had the chance to add to their contact lists during the conference. “There were so many accomplished people in attendance,” our President added. “Our associates made the most of the opportunity. They discussed best practices and the potential for future projects as well.”

We’re looking forward to our next chance to rub elbows with other top performers from our industry. Check out the Signature, Inc Newswire to get updates on all our travel events.