Great Turnout for Conference at Aloft

Great Turnout for Conference at Aloft

Networking was the theme of a recent administrative conference Team Signature, Inc. attended at Aloft. The turnout for this event was impressive, with 80 participants gathered to share best practices and build stronger business connections.

Around Signature, Inc., we’re still buzzing from this trip, not only due to the knowledge we returned with or the people we met. As a team, we enjoyed each other’s company and had opportunities to build our professional profiles that we would otherwise miss.

In fact, Signature, Inc.’s travel program is both something that motivates our team and benefits the firm in so many ways. While there’s not enough room to list them all in this blog, we thought we’d share a few reasons these trips are worth the investment:

• Education: There’s always something to learn when we’re on the road. At a conference like this, we’ll glean knowledge from industry pros. Other times, we might observe new techniques in the field during a visit to another successful office.

• Inspiration: Being away from the daily routine can clear our heads and open our minds to new and creative ideas.

• Collaboration: Rarely do our team members venture out alone. While they’re on the road, be it in pairs or everyone together, we tend to flex our collaborating muscles a bit more and connect with each other better.

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