How Giving Back Bolsters Success

How Giving Back Bolsters Success

We’ve always believed in the power of giving back to the community, which is why it’s become a core Signature, Inc. cultural element. Supporting good causes boosts morale among our people and lifts our overall atmosphere. A recent study confirmed these positive effects.

The study, published by Deloitte, surveyed 1,000 workers who had volunteered within the last year. A whopping 89 percent of respondents said companies that sponsor giveback events offer stronger work cultures. Over 75 percent said that giving to good causes is a key aspect of overall wellness. Based on what we’ve seen around Signature, Inc. HQ, we must agree on both accounts.

Supporting worthy causes of all kinds also builds Signature, Inc.’s public profile. People want to do business with companies that believe in making a positive impact on society. We let consumers know that we’re committed to giving, both in our area and beyond. The fact that we make connections with local leaders through our giving efforts improves our standing even more.

Along with these benefits, we’ve found that supporting good causes bolsters our people’s motivation. They’re more inspired than ever to achieve their goals when they return from an uplifting volunteer event.

Social giving offers a broad range of benefits for a company. Learn more about our commitment to making a difference by checking out the Signature, Inc. Newswire.