Focused Coaching Gets Results

Focused Coaching Gets Results

For those who join Team Signature, Inc., the learning never really stops. From their first days with us, incoming associates receive one-to-one coaching that transfers all the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in our industry. It’s an exciting process for new hires and our in-house mentors alike.

The benefits of this hands-on approach to training spread to everyone in our office. For one thing, camaraderie grows with every coaching session. Those who are new to our team feel at home from the beginning. That’s a big part of what makes our training system so successful; morale increases right along with knowledge. We’re great collaborators because we practice working together from day one.

Of course, the learning doesn’t stop with our initial coaching. Our ongoing training options are all about rewarding those who show a drive to succeed. With more chances to prove themselves, we’ve found that passionate people will exceed expectations time and time again. That’s just the type of atmosphere we wanted to create in the Signature, Inc. office, and it’s one that’s generating major wins for our national service partners as well.

We’re big fans of writing out our training goals, too. Having clear plans and action steps along the way means we can stay fully engaged throughout the learning process.

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