Essential Behaviors of Ethical Leaders

Essential Behaviors of Ethical Leaders

Keeping sight of our ethical standards is one reason for Signature, Inc.’s continuing growth. We’ve learned that a few leadership behaviors are essential in upholding core company values. Here are the methods we use to ensure ethical success for our entire team:

• Being Vulnerable: It’s okay for leaders to admit they don’t have all the answers. In fact, it’s recommended. Being open about our weaknesses is one way we ensure a trusting atmosphere within the Signature, Inc. office. Everyone is comfortable enough to admit when they need help, which cuts down on people pushing themselves too hard.

• Supporting Team Members: We know our leaders have our backs, no matter how much we stretch beyond our current skill sets. This is an empowering feeling that helps us tackle new challenges with confidence. We also feel better equipped to patiently pursue our goals without infringing core ethical standards.

• Setting the Right Example: This is perhaps the purest way for leaders to ensure that company values are respected and upheld. Being transparent and treating others with respect are two of the most important behaviors for managers to model. We’re happy to say that our leaders do these things without thinking twice.

These leadership behaviors help us stay on the right track while observing key company guidelines. For more of our insights into ethical success, follow Signature, Inc. on Twitter.