Easy Ways to Improve at Public Speaking

Easy Ways to Improve at Public Speaking

Although it creates anxiety for most people, improving as a public speaker is possible with just a few simple adjustments. Here are a few such shifts we’re applying to make every Signature, Inc speech more compelling.

Slowing down is one reliable way to make every presentation more memorable. We embrace pauses during our remarks to emphasize key points and control our breathing. When we consciously slow our speaking pace, our messages have better chances of resonating with listeners. We also prevent our nerves from making us rush through our remarks.

We’ve had success by minding our body language when we’re at the podium. By maintaining open postures and using hand gestures to emphasize main points, we engage with our audience members and create stronger rapport. We also practice power poses before going onstage, standing as straight and tall as possible so that we feel more confident from the first words of our speeches.

Although we use gentle humor to be more relatable, we also project authority when we’re presenting on behalf of Signature, Inc. We want our listeners to know that we have valuable expertise to share, so we remind ourselves that we’re the perfect people to be presenting on our topics.

We apply these simple methods whenever we speak in front of an audience. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook