Determine if a Networking Event Is Worth Attending

Determine if a Networking Event Is Worth Attending

Networking isn’t easy, which is why it’s important to make every effort count. Our Signature, Inc. associates are big on efficiency, and experience has taught us the best strategies for determining whether a social function is worth attending. Ask yourself the following questions to figure out if there’s much value in the next networking activity on your schedule.

The first thing to do is some homework. Find out who will be at the event, and consider whether you’d like to meet any of them. Do you think your expertise will help them achieve their goals, and is it likely that they have anything to offer you? If there aren’t any promising relationships to be fostered, our Signature, Inc. associates encourage you to do something more productive with your time.

Next, think about the structure of the event. If it is a conference, for example, will there be much downtime or will it be packed with breakout sessions? If you’re interested in anything else the gathering has to offer, go for it. If you only intend to foster connections and the agenda will make doing so difficult, however, you may want to pass.

Finally, how do you feel about going? It’s normal to be a bit nervous when it comes to networking. If the jitters turn into full-blown anxiety, on the other hand, you may not be able to put your best self forward. Instead of risking a poor impression on the people you meet, you might skip the event and work on your self-care and relationship-building skills prior to the next opportunity.

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