Connecting With a Tech Innovator

Connecting With a Tech Innovator

Seizing every opportunity helps us keep Signature, Inc on the rise. Right now, we’re closing in on a partnership with an up-and-coming name in the smart tech industry. It’s exciting to discuss adding a new national service provider to our diverse portfolio.

Kenneth Weinraub, our firm’s President, explained, “We’ve worked with tons of home improvement, clean energy, and telecom providers. We’re ready to expand our focus to smart home tech. These types of services live up to the needs of today’s health-conscious consumers. I know we’ll have great success taking on this market segment with our unique customer acquisition model.”

We’ll be looking for new talent to help us make the most of this high-tech connection. Our company President stated, “We’re focused on expanding our outreach into this new industry, so we need people who are ready to take on big challenges. Any business-minded individual who wants to grow along with a leader in the consulting and marketing services industry will find a rewarding career with Signature, Inc.”

Additions to our team will have plenty of chances to build their skills. Along with an immersive initial training program, we also provide all kinds of ongoing education. Merit-based promotions are key parts of our company ethos as well.

We’re excited about this new venture. Learn more about our new campaigns and hiring efforts by following Signature, Inc on Instagram.