The Best Questions Candidates Can Ask

The Best Questions Candidates Can Ask

During Signature, Inc interviews, the questions potential hires ask are perhaps even more important than the ones from our hiring managers. We can tell a lot about a person from the questions he or she poses during an interview. The following topics stand out as especially impressive when they come from would-be members of our team:

” How We Measure Success: Asking about this shows us that a candidate is serious about making a positive impact on Signature, Inc. Those who attach a time frame to specific achievements really get our attention. This added element shows that they’re committed to setting clear goals.

” The Position’s Relation to Larger Goals: We’re also intrigued when potential hires want to know how the roles they want to fill can contribute to our company’s broader mission. This shows that a person has a long-term vision for succeeding in the position he or she hopes to occupy. It also displays a desire to help grow our company.

” Gaining New Skills: We want to find people who are committed to learning every day, so candidates who inquire about ongoing education stand out right away. We’re always happy to explain to potential hires that we offer all kinds of developmental programs, travel events, and training sessions.

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