Associates Thrive at National Conference

Associates Thrive at National Conference

We send our Signature, Inc. associates to all kinds of industry events, and they make the most of every business adventure. Our leadership team recently hosted a networking conference for administrators from across the country. A few of our top performers took full advantage of the event’s many benefits.

The conference took place in Newport Beach, California. It gave our Signature, Inc. associates the chance to network with the best of the best. Kenneth Weinraub, our President, stated, “Our people were able to learn new business techniques and better ways to attract talent. They also picked up some tips for creating stronger bonds with their colleagues.”

Madilyn from our team hosted the event, and she invited top people from across the industry to attend. The President explained, “She held seminars about talent scouting, retention, motivation, social media, and branding. Community outreach and how to maximize your potential were other focal points. Madilyn also held a dinner cruise that brought all attendees together in a more personal way.”

Although we may be a bit biased, we at Signature, Inc. believe this conference was the networking event of the year. Our whole team is already looking forward to the next industry gathering. We are also excited to host another one soon.

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