Reframe Your View of Professional Networking

Reframe Your View of Professional Networking

Here at Signature, Inc., we understand the importance of networking for building careers and opening up new opportunities. We also believe you need to reframe your view of the process if you want to get the most out of it. Here are our suggestions for treating networking as a relationship-building exercise rather than a mercenary act.

One thing you need to do is take every chance to reach out to new contacts and existing ones. You don’t have to wait until you need something to send a message to a member of your network, so forward an interesting article or new insight whenever you think someone you know will enjoy it.

We at Signature, Inc. also suggest that you do lots of research before you attend any industry event. If you know who will be in attendance, it becomes much easier to target the right people and forge meaningful connections. Explore LinkedIn and other social media outlets in the days leading up to a conference so that you already have some common ground on which to build real friendships.

You must also remember to keep in touch with your contacts if you want to create friendlier connections with them. It’s not enough to simply follow up with new allies; you need to create a system that allows you to continue strengthening bonds on a regular basis.

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