Signature Redefines What Makes Marketing a Success

For years, Signature has been providing marketing expertise to clean energy, telecommunications, and home improvement brands nationwide. We redefine conventional marketing every day by maintaining an atmosphere of inventiveness and innovation. The effectiveness of our approach consistently drives unstoppable growth and has earned us industry recognition. We were named the region’s Top Sales Office by Inspire Energy and nominated #1 by both Verizon and Inspire Energy for our innovative promotions.

Celebrating 10 years of Signature

Signature’s Values

At Signature, we are committed to providing razor-sharp business consulting and marketing services. Behind everything we do are our central company values.


Without integrity, we could not deliver the consistent results for which we have become known. We believe in providing realistic assessments and delivering results beyond expectations. Our reputation speaks to this commitment.


We stay ahead of current marketing trends so that we deploy the most cutting-edge solutions possible for the companies we represent. Our ongoing career advancement program reflects our growth-oriented mind-set. We never stop innovating.


There’s a fire within each of us. It’s what drives us to do our best and outperform the competition. We leverage this passion daily to ensure that brands have the committed representation they deserve.


Great minds deliver more when they work together. The powerful minds behind Signature embrace different ideas and draw unique conclusions in concert with one another. It’s how we develop the most imaginative and effective solutions in the industry.

Passion for Community and Partnerships

The Signature team believes in giving back to the community and helping others.

We’ve partnered with the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation and other charitable groups to empower the tremendous work they’re already doing. Jay Fund, in particular, is one of the causes close to our hearts. We’ve raised over $25,000 to support work with pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Executive Team

Meet the people who put the mark on Signature’s solutions.

Ken W.

National Consultant & CEO

At the helm is our award-winning CEO. He has been honored within our sector as both Rookie of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year. His drive, ambition, and leadership are why he’s been recognized as the fastest and youngest individual to have reached the national consultant level in the business. His commitment to our values and example as a leader have set the tone for our firm.

Madilyn K.

Human Resource Manager

Madilyn is our Human Resource Manager at Signature, Inc. The graduate of Barton College brings a sports-oriented mind-set to the firm, which includes plenty of enthusiasm and an affinity for teamwork. It also informs her strategic thinking and leadership abilities. In her spare time, Madilyn enjoys being with her family and attending sporting events and concerts.

Robert G.

Program Manager

A graduate of Towson University, Robert leverages his keen management and communication skills to oversee and maintain Signature, Inc.’s major telecommunications account. His love of travel and exploration allows him to gain and appreciate diverse perspectives, which positively impacts his ability to innovate. Robert is also a sports enthusiast, particularly in the art of jiu-jitsu.

Eric W.


Eric is no stranger to Signature; he worked in the Syracuse division before joining this team. He has a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Winston-Salem State University, where he also played football. Today he cheers on his brother, who plays in the NFL.

Steve S.


Steve is a graduate of Rutgers University, where he earned a degree in history and political science. He comes to Signature following a career in politics. His competitive edge was honed as he played rugby and crew at Rutgers. Already in a leadership position, he aspires to grow further.

Suneil G.


A graduate of the University of California at Irvine, Suneil uses his economics degree to help analyze the businesses Signature represents. He has already promoted seven offices and aspires to reach the regional and national consultant levels soon. His interests include food, music, sports, and hip hop dancing.



Originally from the United Kingdom, Phillip Coates has established a foundation in the United States with his wife, 2 daughters & growing business. Whenever he isn’t tackling work oriented goals he enjoys family time, skateboarding, cars, art, and music.

Nicholas T.

Team Leader

Attending North Dakota State University helped Nicholas acquire discipline and the ability to prioritize, which are so vital to the world of sales and marketing. He also has a background in music that lends to his creative abilities. Nicholas maintains a growth-focused mind-set in everything. During his downtime he likes to exercise and golf.

Nicholas M.

Team Leader

Nicholas established himself as a leader during his college career, and he remains committed to the role in his professional life. The graduate of Neumann University models the value in both fun and hard work, and his example reverberates throughout the team. Outside the office, Nicholas can be found spending time with his family and participating in competitive bodybuilding.

Clayton P.

Team Leader

Clayton offers valuable industry knowledge and theory based on his marketing studies at Metropolitan State University, which he applies to his work at Signature, Inc. on a daily basis. While earning his degree, he pitched for his school’s baseball team. His experience is evident in the capable and team-oriented way he leads his colleagues. Clayton is to credit for considerable company expansion.

Andrew D.

Team Leader

Andrew identifies himself as crazy competitive. He is a Rowan College at Burlington County graduate and is always ready to ring the bell of life. His political science degree, along with his time as a class VP and varsity sports experience, helps drive his motivation to succeed at Signature.

Chintan P.

Team Leader

With leadership aspirations in mind, Chintan developed into a great leader during his time at Signature. He is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, from which he earned a degree in database administration.

Chris B.

Team Leader

Since day one, Chris has put his full effort into becoming the best student possible. He understands that success comes after hard work, dedication, and with patience and trust in the process. Chris is an excellent teach and is growing into a mentorship role within Signature that he will use to help others grow and develop.

Chris H.

Team Leader

A future business owner is what Chris envisions for his future. The learning path that he is on at Signature is teaching him about business management, leadership development, and valuable communication skills. He knows that with hard work and patience, you can reach your highest achievements.

David B.

Team Leader

David joined the Signature team with a degree in accounting from Gwynedd Mercy University. He ascended the ranks to account management undoubtedly due to the team approach. He uses his experience playing baseball, and his coaching expertise to guide his team.

David W.

Team Leader

David knows that when work can be rewarding, then it is not really work. His favorite part about being on the Signature team is that he can grow not only his own skills, but participate in the development of others as well. His hard working attitude and drive for success help lead his team to higher goals everyday.

Denzel F.

Team Leader

For Denzel, Signature has offered an opportunity to sharpen the leadership skills he gained playing football and being part of the track and field team. He has enjoyed the personal growth he’s attained on the Signature crew. Denzel also happens to be fluent in three different languages.

Jaime F.

Team Leader

After graduating from Moravian College with a degree in marketing management, Jaime joined the Signature team ready to dominate. In college, he played baseball and served as a talent scout for the basketball team. He is intent on a desire to master his own destiny.

Ken H.

Team Leader

Ken brings a penchant for creativity to Signature. He developed it as he attained his associates degree in graphic design from Gloucester County College. During his tenure at the company, he’s gained leadership and teamwork experience. His favorite hobby is transforming himself into a superhero.

Leando C.

Team Leader

Discipline, tenacity, and a fine team spirit are what Leando brings to Signature. He served in the United States Marine Corp prior to joining the firm, and enjoys the opportunity to bring his leadership skills to the interactive marketing world.

Michelle F.

Team Leader

As a trained cosmetologist, Michelle understands the importance of listening to what people want and applying it to her work. She is small but mighty, and is truly Signature leadership material. Michelle brings her team spirit from playing softball and field hockey to everything she does.

Parth S.

Team Leader

For Parth, the team orientated atmosphere was the most desired aspect of a career. He wanted to build his skills in leadership and communication and he is able to perfect them everyday at Signature. The celebration of hitting goal benchmarks is another of the aspects of Signature that Parth enjoys.